Reading List


In roughly the order they appear in the book:

Tweedy Browne, “The High Dividend Return Advantage.”

Dimson, Marsh and Staunton, 2011 Global Investment Returns Yearbook

Michael Keppler, “The Importance of Dividend Yields in Country Selection.” 

Grullon and Michaely, “Dividends, Share Repurchases, and the Substitution Hypothesis.”

French Fama,  “Disappearing Dividends:  Changing Firm Characteristics or Lower Propensity to Pay?

Jacob and Jacob,Taxation, Dividends and Share Repurchases:  Taking Evidence Global

Jeremy Schwartz, “The Importance of Dividends and Buybacks Ratios for Gauging Equity Values.”

Michael Mauboussin, “Share Repurchase From All Angles.”

Gray, Vogel, “Dissecting Shareholder Yield.”

McKinsey,”Paying Back Your Shareholders.”

Priest, Free Cash Flow and Shareholder Yield

Richard Tortoriello, Quantitative Strategies for Achieving Alpha.

Boudoukh, Michaely, Richardson and Roberts, “On the Importance of Measuring Payout Yield: Implications for Empirical Asset Pricing.”

Weighing the Evidence on the Relation between External Corporate Financing Activities, Accruals and Stock Returns” by Cohen and Lys (2006) examines the paper “The Relation Between Corporate Financing Activities, Analysts’ Forecasts and Stock Returns” by Sloan, Bradshaw, and Richardson.

Schill, Gulen, and Cooper, “Asset Growth and the Cross-Section of Stock Returns”.

O’Shaughnessy, What Works on Wall Street.

Daniel Peris, The Strategic Dividend Investor.

Israel and Moskowitz, “How Tax Efficient are Equity Styles?